Voice Feminization

Specializing in voice feminization therapy for the transfemale client through telepractice.

Dr. Joy Musser, Ph.D. CCC-SLP

Dr. Musser is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist by the state of New York and holds her national certificate with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She holds a doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati and has over 18 years of clinical experience. Dr. Musser specializes in voice feminization for the transfemale population.

What Our Clients Say

SarahFormer Client

“In my transition from male to female, adjusting my voice to appear female was a key ingredient for me to become whole. Joy has been absolutely amazing and instrumental in helping me to reach my goals regarding my voice. All instruction was based on an expansive body of knowledge in her field and beyond. Joy was always very well prepared, enthusiastic and just plain fun to work with.”

ErinFormer Client

"Joy has been a JOY to work with over the last year! ... Thank you for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated and noticed by all! I would recommend Joy to anyone ..."

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The average male vocal folds vibrate 110 times per second (110 Hz) while the average female vocal folds vibrate 220 times per second (220 Hz). Both of these speeds are too fast for the human eye to see, but by using a strobe light during an exam, we can simulate the slow motion vibration. Notice how my vocal folds vibrate in mirror image to each …

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Voice and Misgendering

If your voice causes you to be read as male, voice feminization is a non-surgical approach that can help! By addressing vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and more, this therapy approach will give you the tools you need to present with a feminine voice consistently and reliably.

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