“Transfeminine Voice” – Dr. Musser on All the Genders podcast

Join me and co-guest Gwendolyn for the season 2 finale of All the Genders podcast. Thank you to host Quinn for this fantastic episode about transfeminine voice!

Success Story: Gwen

Check out how amazing Gwen sounds after just a short course of voice feminization therapy. We focused on expanding her pitch range and intonation, and increasing feminine language characteristics with a fantastic result! You can hear more about her journey, … Read More

Pitch & Mental Effort

This is a common and normal complaint when trying to speak in a feminine pitch range. The mental effort required to accomplish a new muscle pattern can be overwhelming at first. Voice feminization therapy will help you establish the motor … Read More

Voice and Misgendering

If your voice causes you to be read as male, voice feminization is a non-surgical approach that can help! By addressing vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and more, this therapy approach will give you the tools you need to present with … Read More

The Voice of Beauty

Let your voice freely reflect who you are. May it resonate all that you are in the most beautiful of ways.

From Artificial to Authentic

This is a common complaint from trans females attempting to sound more feminine. An artificial voice typically results when an inappropriate pitch is selected, or only the pitch of the voice is modified. Voice feminization addresses all aspects of your … Read More

Transfemales & Phone Use

Getting misgendered on the phone is one of the top complaints I hear from clients, and can result in anxiety or avoidance of using the phone. Voice feminization therapy is a non-surgical approach that can specifically address this!

Your Larynx

Your larynx (leriNGks) or “voice box” is housed in your neck and is connected to the top of your trachea (windpipe). The adam’s apple is the projection at the front of your larynx and is more prominent in men due … Read More

Feminine Language

Did you know? When comparing the use of verbs, modifiers, and adjectives in male/female conversation, these greatly differ! Learn more about this and voice feminization at Musser Voice.

Voice & Femininity

If your voice lacks the femininity you desire, voice feminization therapy is a non-surgical method that can help you! Using a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of feminine communication, you can achieve the voice you want.