Word Stress

Did you know that how you put stress on words as you’re talking can be read as masculine or feminine? Vowel length, vocal onset, and intrasyllabic inflections can influence how you’re read. Learn more at Musser Voice.


In addition to making you feel better, smiling decreases your lip rounding, modifies your articulation, and is an easy way to feminize your presentation!

It’s Not Just How You Sound, But What You Say

A feminine presentation is more than how you look or how you sound. Using feminine language strategies in conversation will greatly shape your communication exchanges in a more feminine way.

Swallowing, Laryngeal Hold, Raised Larynx, Oh My!

If you’re working on voice feminization, chances are you have come across these “techniques.” These maneuvers have zero carryover to speaking at a higher pitch; and they’re not supposed to! The musculature involved in these tasks is different from the … Read More

Feminine voice ≠ Higher pitched masculine voice

One common mistake I hear is the use of a higher pitch (often too high) when trying to feminize the voice, without adopting feminine speech and language characteristics. If masculine intonation, speech, and language patterns are still present, most will … Read More

A Reliable Feminine Voice

Developing a reliable feminine voice has just as much to do with frequent practice, as it does with selecting an appropriate pitch. When you’re working within a reasonable target range for your voice, you will establish new motor patterns, that … Read More

Pitch Demystified – Common Pitfalls #3

Pitch Pitfall #3: “Going too high will sound fake. I’ll just raise my pitch a little so it still sounds natural.” Find out what the minimum pitch target should be and how adding a variety of pitch contours to your … Read More

Pitch Demystified – Common Pitfalls #2

Pitch Pitfall #2: “This pitch is perfect. I should speak at this pitch the whole time.” Once a target conversational pitch has been established, the goal is to develop a conversational pitch range around this target. This allows for natural … Read More

Alysandria’s Success Story

Now live on the blog: Alysandria’s Success Story! Ever wonder what results you can get from voice feminization sessions with a licensed voice therapist? No surgery, no gimmicks. A holistic approach to feminine communication. Read about Alysandria’s journey and hear … Read More

Pitch Demystified – Common Pitfalls #1

Pitch Pitfall #1: “This sounds too low. I should pick a higher pitch so I don’t get read as male.” Identifying a target speaking pitch is one of the most common struggles of voice feminization. Find out why selecting a … Read More