Success Story: Gwen

Check out how amazing Gwen sounds after just a short course of voice feminization therapy. We focused on expanding her pitch range and intonation, and increasing feminine language characteristics with a fantastic result! You can hear more about her journey, … Read More

Developing an authentic feminine voice

If you’re a transfemale and interested in improving your voice, I can help! Many clients I see have already attempted voice modification in some way. Many feel that their voice is not authentic, or say that they’re still perceived as … Read More

Achieving the desired feminine voice

Achieving the desired feminine voice is so much more than speaking at a higher pitch. In our voice sessions, we’ll look at all aspects of voice, and those critical aspects of communication that contribute to being read as female.

Happy 1 Year to Musser Voice!

The holidays have passed, but this offer is still up for grabs! Musser Voice is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. If you’ve been considering professional voice feminization sessions, now is the time! New clients that book by January … Read More

Dispelling the Myths about Voice Feminization

Check out the top 3 myths about voice feminization. Learn why the swallowing maneuver won’t help with a higher pitch, why a higher pitch alone won’t help you pass, and more! For more tips like this and all of the … Read More

Working on Your Voice: Step 1

Being ready to work on your voice is an exciting place to be. But I have been told that it can quickly feel overwhelming. With instant access to information, knowing how to sort through it, and more importantly apply it, … Read More

Getting Started

If you’re curious about voice feminization or wondering how to get started, this brief video will walk you through the process!

Frustrated with Your Voice?

Many transwomen feel frustrated with their voice – maybe the pitch is still too low, or maybe the pitch has been raised, but still doesn’t sound natural or feel authentic. Voice feminization is a voice therapy approach that helps transfemales … Read More

How long will it take before I have the voice that I want?

Wondering how long it takes to achieve the desired feminine voice? Contact Musser Voice today to see how Dr. Musser can help you reach your goals.

Higher Pitch, Yes. But That’s Not All!

Successful voice feminization addresses all aspects of communication like intonation, resonance, speech, vocabulary, and non-verbal behaviors. Addressing all aspects of your communication results in an authentic voice that reflects who you are!