Is Your Voice Holding You Back?

If your voice does not reflect who you are, is hindering your transition, or makes you feel less than confident about how you present, voice feminization therapy is a non-surgical option that can help you achieve your voice goals!

What is Voice Feminization?

The focus of voice feminization is to develop a voice that reflects who you are. Although the pitch of your voice is a major factor, there are many characteristics involved in achieving an authentic voice you feel confident with.

Developing an authentic feminine voice

If you’re a transfemale and interested in improving your voice, I can help! Many clients I see have already attempted voice modification in some way. Many feel that their voice is not authentic, or say that they’re still perceived as … Read More

Achieving the desired feminine voice

Achieving the desired feminine voice is so much more than speaking at a higher pitch. In our voice sessions, we’ll look at all aspects of voice, and those critical aspects of communication that contribute to being read as female. Head … Read More

Transitioning may feel like a roller coaster ride