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Finding the Right Pitch

Most transfemales report that their pitch is too low when beginning to work on their voice. Some are able to raise their pitch, but not enough to fall within a feminine range. Others “overshoot” and have a voice that is too high and sounds unnatural. So, what is the right pitch? How can you know if the pitch you’re using will result in being gendered …

Love Your Voice!

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all” ~Arvo Pärt Your voice is a reflection of who you are. It is an instrument capable of great power, flexibility, adaptability, and beauty. If you are not satisfied with the voice you have, voice feminization is a non-surgical approach to developing your instrument so that you can proudly say, “I love my voice!”

Pitch & Mental Effort

This is a common and normal complaint when trying to speak in a feminine pitch range. The mental effort required to accomplish a new muscle pattern can be overwhelming at first. Voice feminization therapy will help you establish the motor patterns needed to speak in a range you desire, with decreasing amounts of mental effort required as you progress through the program.

Voice and Misgendering

If your voice causes you to be read as male, voice feminization is a non-surgical approach that can help! By addressing vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and more, this therapy approach will give you the tools you need to present with a feminine voice consistently and reliably.

From Artificial to Authentic

This is a common complaint from transfemales attempting to sound more feminine. An artificial voice typically results when an inappropriate pitch is selected, or only the pitch of the voice is modified. Voice feminization addresses all aspects of your voice, speech, and language, and results in an authentic voice!