• What is voice feminization?

    What is voice feminization?

    Voice feminization is the process of developing a voice that matches who you are. It’s critical that your voice reflects your identity. I specialize in working with transwomen who are seeking an authentic voice, and one that is healthy, vocally attainable, and sustainable. Voice feminization involves much more than speaking at a higher pitch. In our sessions, we also work on intonation, resonance, spoken and unspoken language, articulation, and more. There is no set formula for successful voice feminization, so together we work to develop an individualized plan to help you with the voice YOU are confident with.

  • How does telepractice work?

    How does telepractice work?

    Telepractice simply moves the therapy process to an online environment. As long as we can see and hear each other, we can meet for sessions! I use a secure, web based platform, at no charge to you, that can be accessed from your computer, phone, or other device. Telesessions offer my clients flexibility, convenience, and privacy. If you’re curious about whether this is something that would work for you, contact me to schedule a “meet and greet” session so we can try this out together before starting a formal program.

  • How long will it take before I have the voice that I want?

    How long will it take before I have the voice that I want?

    Success in voice feminization largely relies on you, and specifically the time you put in to developing your voice outside of our sessions. There are many factors that influence the treatment timeline, and this is something that will be discussed following your initial voice evaluation. You are welcome to schedule appointments as often as once a week or on a more spaced out schedule. As with learning any new skill, success and carryover depend on consistency of practice. This is your voice journey and how you move through it is up to you – I am here to help provide you with the tools to be successful, in whatever way that is to you.

  • What is the pricing for services?

    What is the pricing for services?

    I offer a variety of package options that include the evaluation and treatment sessions, and these are listed on my website. Services are private pay only and can be purchased online via my website.

  • Who are you and how are you qualified to offer voice feminization?

    Who are you and how are you qualified to offer voice feminization?

    I was first introduced to voice feminization as a graduate student, and was guided by a top voice pathologist in our field. I have my masters and PhD in speech-language pathology, with a specialty focus in voice. I have been working clinically for the past 18 years with all types of voice clients including the transfemale population. Several years ago, I was off work after having my twins, and I was contacted by a trans woman seeking voice feminization services. When I attempted to refer her to someone and came up completely empty handed, I realized what an under served population this is! My second realization was that this was the case not just for where I lived at the time, but across the country. Voice feminization through telepractice was my solution to this, and I hope it works for you too!

  • How do I get started?

    How do I get started?

    You can use the contact form on my website, or email me! If you’re curious about telepractice or have questions about the process, let’s set up a time to meet online so we can chat and try it out! New clients will be set up with a user account through my site. All of the required forms are web based, so once you’re in the system and complete, we can schedule your first appointment! We start with a voice evaluation, which takes approximately an hour and 15min, with some additional at home requirements. This allows me to evaluate your current voice and communication so that I can tailor a program for you. From there, we will move on to your first voice treatment session which typically lasts about an hour. I recommend meeting once a week initially, and then this can be modified as you progress. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • What will our sessions entail?

    What will our sessions entail?

    Once your initial voice evaluation is completed, we’ll review the findings together and discuss the components of your voice and communication that will have the greatest impact on achieving the voice you want. Our sessions will consist of vocal exercises with my support and feedback, and we’ll finish each session with things to practice until our next meeting!