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Please see the lesson overviews here.  Have questions about which lessons may be best for you? Contact me for more info.

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    Voice Exercises – 3-Part Bundle $75.00
    Voice Exercises – Part 1 $30.00
    Voice Exercises – Part 2 $30.00
    Voice Exercises – Part 3 $30.00
    Pitch, Demystified! $50.00
    Vocabulary Considerations $25.00
    Nonverbal Behaviors – 3-Part Bundle $60.00
    Nonverbal Behaviors – Haptics & Proxemics $25.00
    Nonverbal Behaviors – Movement $25.00
    Nonverbal Behaviors – Facial Expression $25.00
    Feminine Voice & Speech – 2-Part Bundle $75.00
    Pitch & Intonation – 3-Part Bundle $75.00
    Pitch & Intonation Part 1 $30.00
    Pitch & Intonation Part 2 $30.00
    Pitch & Intonation Part 3 $30.00
    Language Strategies $30.00
    Feminine Communication Putting it All Together $40.00
  • Select Your Evaluation - Required when therapy sessions are purchased *

    Voice Evaluation $140.00
  • Select your Sessions - Voice Evaluation is pre-requisite for voice therapy sessions *

    (1) Hr Voice Therapy $95.00
    (2) Hr Voice Therapy $180.50
    (3) Hr Voice Therapy $256.50
    (4) Hr Voice Therapy $323.00
    (5) Hr Voice Therapy $380.00

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    Create your own voice program using a combination of guided lessons and private sessions. Select lessons of the highest relevance to your vocal development and add one-on-one sessions to receive feedback on your progress. Please see the lesson overviews here.