Success Stories – Alysandria


I loved my experience working with Joy! Her expertise in vocal therapy for trans women was perfect for my needs, and her affirming and personable nature made a sensitive process feel safe and nurturing. With her help, my voice is no longer a source of constant dysphoria. I’m happy to recommend her, and I wish you all the best on your own journeys! 

About Alysandria:

Alysandria is a 36 y/o trans woman who sought voice feminization services in the early stages of her transition. She had been working on her feminine voice through an app, but was noting some vocal strain and wanted a more natural sounding voice.


  1. “Old Voice”
    Masculine pitch range
  2. “In between Voice”
    When we started working together, Alysandria had developed her voice to this stage, which she called her “in between voice.” This is near the gender neutral, or amibiguous, pitch range.
  3. “Current Voice”
    Through our voice feminization sessions, Alysandria raised her pitch into a feminine range that both matched her goal of how she wanted to sound, and was appropriate for her age. Note her precise articulation and light contacts that are characteristic of feminine speech patterns.
  4. “Current Voice,” Rainbow Passage
    Alysandria worked to solidify a target pitch that was both sustainable and natural sounding, while increasing the variety of pitches she used in conversation. She also worked to feminize her language and non-verbal behaviors and progressed really well over the course of 3 months!
  5. Alysandria’s Experience
    Alysandria continues to use her feminine voice at home and in social settings when possible. We meet periodically for voice feminization sessions and she has maintained a natural, feminine voice she is pleased with. Hear what Alysandria has to say about the process:

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