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After spending two years trying on my own and failing to feminize my voice, I finally made the progress I’d always dreamed of when I began working with Joy. After about a dozen hour-long video telepractice sessions over the course of a couple of months, I got the point where I simply wasn’t being misgendered any longer because of my voice, even on the phone! I’ve also been able to get back into the media communications role I occupied before I transitioned. I’m currently working on multiple media projects, including video, podcasts and narration, a skill I’d always taken pride in but one that I thought I’d lost forever. So when I say I couldn’t have done it without Joy, it is literally true!

Izzie’s Story:

Just a few months ago, I was more than two years into my transition and growing resigned to never having the voice I knew was mine. Oh, I’d tried all right, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. My voice sounded male no matter what I did, and I was getting constantly misgendered because of it. I tried doing it on my own, with zero progress. I tried YouTube videos, but the advice was scattered, unstructured and often just weird and off base. Besides, it wasn’t directed at me but, rather, some imaginary person. So despite a few years of trying, I was failing at feminizing my voice and I was ready to give up.

Then I stumbled upon a podcast with Joy it in and thought I’d drop her a note. And my life changed. It was, in fact, only when I began working with Joy that I started to make actual progress at feminizing my voice. It was hard work, but I finally had faith I could do it, and at last I had some actual tools to work with. But perhaps more important of all, I knew I had the skilled ear of an expert who knew not only what I was doing wrong but how to guide to what was right.

Today, after about 10 sessions with Joy (and lots of practice on my own), my life is immeasurably improved. I simply don’t get misgendered because of my voice any longer, and that’s true even on the phone. It’s opened up professional avenues for me, as well. As a media professional and subject-matter expert in my field, I have already started to once again make use of my voice in public settings. Only this time it’s my true voice, and it’s opened the world back up to me in ways I feared I’d lost forever. I can’t begin to describe how powerfully affirming that is.

Izzie is the editor-in-chief and brand director of a major consumer enthusiast title.


  1. “Pre”
    Masculine pitch range
  2. “Post”
    Feminine pitch range

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