Did you know? The VIP Voice Spotlight is offered twice per month with your membership. VIP Members can listen to voice samples submitted by fellow members and review Dr. Musser’s analysis of their voice! Everyone can benefit from the feedback and gain helpful insight for your own voice feminization journey.

Developing a feminine voice can be frustrating if you don’t have trusted feedback about how you’re sounding. The VIP Voice Spotlight features member submitted audio clips each month along with feedback from Dr. Musser! Receive quality assessment from a highly knowledgeable professional in the field to help guide your feminine vocal development.

New VIP Voice Spotlight: “Olivia,” age 22

Working on voice for a few years



The Musser Voice VIP Membership site was created to give you quality therapeutic and educational resources for voice feminization. As you look through the site, you’ll see a variety of exercises and lessons designed to support your journey to the feminine voice you seek. My approach is holistic in nature, and you’ll learn all aspects of feminine communication including voice, speech, language, and non-verbal characteristics.

Specially crafted lessons will become available each week, over a 12 week period, and directions and materials will be provided for home practice. Feedback will be provided both indirectly and directly through the VIP Voice Spotlight, in which member submitted audio samples will receive my feedback and be available to all to learn from. It’s important to me that you have access to materials that have a credible foundation, are based in clinical science, and are delivered by a knowledgeable professional in the field.

I’m happy to have you join us!

ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Dr. Musser is an ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist