Speech Uncensored Podcast: S2:E6 More than Pitch: A Holistic Approach to Voice Feminization with Joy Musser, PhD, CCC-SLP

When Leigh Ann from the “Speech Uncensored” podcast reached out a few months ago about doing a segment on transgender voice, I was thrilled. Her inquiry stemmed from listener requests to have a podcast on this topic, which aligned perfectly with Musser Voice and my mission to provide quality therapy to a very underserved population.

I had never been on a podcast before, but as with anything, when you’re speaking about something you know well, it’s much less of a stressful “interview” type situation, and more like talking with a friend about a topic you’re passionate about. Such was the case here, and we quickly dove into the topic.

Voice feminization (voice therapy for transfemales) is the sole focus of my private practice. As a doctoral level speech-language pathologist, I have specialized in voice as a for the past 18 years. Providing transgender voice therapy through tele-practice has truly evolved from the needs of these women.

On this episode, we discuss how voice feminization is so much more than using a higher pitch. My approach is holistic, looking at all aspects of feminine communication. Word choices, intonation patterns, indirect communication strategies, and conversational approach are all areas we discuss in a client session. I strive to meet a person where they are within their journey, and create a program that will empower them to reach their goals while developing a voice that is congruent with their inner self. For those not ready for direct therapy, I also offer guided lessons and exercises for self-study through my VIP membership site.

Many thanks to Speech Uncensored and SpeechTherapyPD for offering this topic for its listeners and having me on as a guest!



Specializing in voice feminization therapy for the transfemale client through telepractice and online self-study lessons and exercises via Musser Voice VIP.

Dr. Joy Musser Ph.D. CCC-SLPDr. Joy Musser, Ph.D. CCC-SLP is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist by the state of New York and holds her national certificate with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She holds a doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati and has over 18 years of clinical experience.

Musser Therapies, LLC and Musser Voice was formed in 2010 with the goal to provide quality voice therapy. Dr. Musser specializes in voice feminization for the transfemale population. In addition, she teaches voice disorders and related course work online for several universities across the country. Dr. Musser specializes in voice feminization for the transfemale population.